A little about dolly 




Salon Owner/Director

Hi, I'm Dolly Nice to meet you! I'm so glad you've found me My passion is CURLY, textured and natural hair. My mission is for everyone with texture, waves and curls to love and embrace their hair, and who they authentically are 

If you're curly haired, I'm guessing you've experienced your fair share of hair horrors! Growing up I was made to feel ashamed about my hair type and made to hide my frizz and textured hair. I was told it was too big, too scruffy, and to tie it up or make it small.

Over the years I did so much to try to hide my curls, but I always loved them. I wanted to be proud of my big frizzy texture but I didn't see that represented in magazines or media. This made me question my hair and me. Beauty was always shown as smooth or slick back then and big hair was only promoted with blowouts and straight voluminous hair on women that didn't look like me at all. I wanted to love my hair and my skin colour but at that time it was rarely represented


Today CURL PRIDE is my Mantra !!

As the previous owner of London Road salon, I decided to put my passion for curly hair first and focus 100% on Dolly Curls rather than run a salon.

In 2022 I was lucky enough to go to the REZO salon in New York to get my professional qualification in the REZO cut and Rezo lites in which they teach colour for curly hair. I loved how much their way of cutting was aligned so much with what I do as they dry cut round shapes, rather than straight lines. This resonated with me so much and I loved every single second of it! I loved being in New York, and all the people that taught me.

I love what I do!

Since I was a kid, I've been obsessed with hair. There was a time when I didn't think I could live my dream and thought I would never work doing something I loved so much, so I always feel grateful to be where I am right now. I often feel like I'm living the dream! I love my job; hair and people are my two passions.

I have a background in fashion and I am Adhd and dyslexic which makes me an out of the box thinker! Like most creative people it's my superpower!

When I'm outside of work, I enjoy life with my boy and my dog, Sonny. I love spending time with friends, travelling and great food!

“My aim is for my clients to love their authentic selves and have acceptance of who they are that is my number one goal ”

Hair Salon  in Milton Keynes and Stony Stratford

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Sonny, Mascot at our Hair Salon  in Milton Keynes and Stony Stratford



Salon Mascot/Security

Sonny is our security who protects the salon from trespassers! However, don't be fooled by his big eyes and pretty blonde hair, he will capture your attention within minutes of you entering the salon. You will find yourself transfixed, stroking him and wanting to put him in your handbag.

Sonny is a great hypnotherapist and you will leave your session of stroking him, feeling calm, relaxed and in love!

His colleagues would describe him as attention seeking, time consuming, relaxing and cute. He is super photogenic and loves the limelight. If he's not in the salon he is always missed!






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